Saturday , December 3 2022

6 Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at University of Turku Finland

Applications are invited for Fully Funded 6 Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at the University of Turku Finland for International Students to study abroad.

This University is located in Turku in southwestern Finland, is the third-largest university in the country as measured by student enrollment, after the University of Helsinki and Tampere University. It was established in 1920 and also has facilities at Rauma, Pori, Kevo, and Salo.

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University of Turku Finland University of Turku Finland

List of Available Positions at University of Turku Finland

Project Researcher/Postdoctoral Researcher for Metabolomics at Turku Bioscience 
Professor of English at Turku Bioscience Centre 
University Lecturer in Genetics  at School of Languages and Translation Studies
1-3 Senior Researchers (post doc equivalent) / INVEST at Department of Biology
1-3 Senior Research Fellows / INVEST at Department of Psychology and Language & Speech Pathology
A fixed term position open for a Project Specialist at the Finnish Functional Genomics Centre at Department of Psychology and Language & Speech Pathology 
List of 6 Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions

University Structure

The university is divided into seven faculties. All departments and some of their research units are listed under the faculty header.

  • Faculty of Humanities
    • School of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies
    • School of Languages and Translation Studies
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
    • Department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry
    • Department of Biology
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Geography and Geology
    • Department of Future Technologies
    • Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    • Department of Physics and Astronomy
    • Biodiversity Unit of the University of Turku
  • Faculty of Medicine
    • Institute of Biomedicine
    • Institute of Dentistry
      • Turku Biomaterials Centre
    • Department of Nursing Science
    • Department of Clinical Medicine
    • Special Units
      • Functional Foods Forum
      • The Research Centre for Applied and Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine (CAPC)
      • Research Centre for Child Psychiatry
      • Turku Brain and Mind Center (TBMC)
      • Turku Institute for Child and Youth Research (CYRI)
      • Turku PET Centre
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
    • Department of Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology
      • KiVa antibullying program
      • Multiprofessional teaching clinic
      • Centre for Learning Research
      • Turku Brain and Mind Center
    • Department of Philosophy, Contemporary History and Political Science
      • Finnish Centre for Democracy Studies
      • Centre for Parliamentary Studies
      • Public Choice Research Centre
      • John Morton Center for North American Studies
    • Department of Social Research
      • Turku Center for Welfare Research
  • Faculty of Education
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Teacher Education Turku
    • Department of Teacher Education Rauma
    • Teacher training school in Turku
    • Teacher training school in Rauma
    • Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education
    • Centre for Learning Research
  • Turku School of Economics
    • Department of Management and Entrepreneurship
    • Department of Accounting and Finance
    • Department of Marketing and International Business
    • Department of Economics
    • Finland Futures Research Centre
    • Centre for Collaborative Research

The university also has number of independent units not affiliated with the faculties:

  • Brahea Centre of University of Turku
    • Areal Research and Development
    • Centre for Maritime Studies
  • Centre for Language and Communication Studies
  • Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO
  • Turku Bioscience Centre
  • Turku PET Centre