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Doctoral Scholarships 2020 – Belgium

Applications are invited for Fully Funded Special Research Fund Doctoral Scholarships 2020 – Belgium at Ghent UniversityBelgium.

Details of Doctoral Scholarships 2020 – Belgium

Each year new PhD Scholarships are being granted to predoctoral researchers, aimed at obtaining a doctoral degree within a time span of 4 years. In 2020 the Special Research Fund will provide about 50 PhD grants. These grants are initially awarded for 2 years. After an intermediate evaluation, for which the Research Council assesses the probability that the grant will lead into a PhD degree, a second term of maximum 2 years can be granted.

Ghent University: a knowledge love story

About Ghent Univeristy Belgium

Ghent University is a top 100 university and one of the major universities in Belgium, founded in 1817. Our 11 faculties offer a wide range of courses and conduct in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains. We are a pluralistic university that is open to all students, regardless of their ideological, political, cultural or social background. Our credo is ‘Dare to think’.


Successful applicants will receive the following benefits under Doctoral Scholarships 2020 – Belgium:

The amount of the scholarship is approximately € 2.175 per month, depending on the family status of the scholar. Based on the advice of the Research Council, a bench fee of € 7.440 (€ 310/month) will be awarded to the promoter per term of 2 years.

Eligibility criteria for Doctoral Scholarships 2020 – Belgium

This call is only open for:

  • Applicants who have submitted an eligible application in 2020 for:
  • Applicants who haven’t applied for an FWO PhD Fellowship fundamental research or an FWO PhD Fellowship strategic basic research in 2020, but who are eligible to apply for one of both calls in 2021 (deadline 1 March 2021)
  • Applicants who haven’t applied for an FWO PhD Fellowship fundamental research or an FWO PhD Fellowship strategic basic research in 2020, but who are eligible to apply for one of both calls in 2021 (deadline 1 March 2021)
  • Applicants with a current appointment as PhD scholarship holder or scientific researcher (WP) on project funding awarded to the promoter can apply for a BOF doctoral scholarship, but only under the condition they meet the FWO regulation on scientific seniority. In addition, it is not allowed to apply for funding through a BOF doctoral scholarship for the same research project as the one on which the applicant is already appointed
  • At the start of the BOF fellowship, applicants must qualify for a ‘dehousse scholarship’, which is a PhD scholarship exempted from taxation. Therefore it is important that if a promoter wants to give the candidate an appointment in anticipation of the BOF result, this appointment is temporary and ends on 30 September 2020 at the latest in case it concerns an appointment as ATP/AAP or WP (research staff). This way the BOF PhD scholarship can start on 1 October 2020 in the form of a dehousse scholarship. When an appointment as ATP/AAP or WP has to be interrupted to pick up the BOF PhD scholarship, this is only possible when a completely new research subject is chosen
  • PhD students can receive a dehousse scholarship (exempted from taxation) only for a maximum of 48 months during their entire academic career. When this limit is reached during the BOF fellowship, the PhD student can be appointed by BOF as WP (research staff) for a maximum of 12 months. This implies that PhD students who have already received a dehousse scholarship for more than 12 months before the start of the BOF fellowship, will have their BOF fellowship reduced by the number of months that exceed the maximum term of 12 months of appointment as WP
  • Applicants who are awarded a BOF doctoral scholarship in 2020 and who are eligible to (re)apply for a FWO PhD Fellowship fundamental research or FWO PhD Fellowship strategic basic research in 2020 are obliged to do so.

In case the awarded BOF doctoral scholarship holder also applied for a FWO PhD Fellowship FO or SB in 2020 and is invited for the second FWO evaluation round (interview), he/she is obliged to participate and prepare the interview thoroughly in advance.

Application procedure

Applications for a BOF PhD grant have to be submitted on the forms provided for that purpose and sent by e-mail to for Doctoral Scholarships 2020 – Belgium

The application can be submitted either in Dutch or English.

The promoter of the application must submit a document “advice promoter”.

The following enclosures can be added to the application:

  • Obliged:  for non-Ghent University degrees (including interuniversitary programs at Ghent University): copies of diplomas, transcripts of records, and proof of ranking among fellow students and/or percentile scores. Applicants who did not yet obtain their master degree at the moment of the application deadline have to send their diploma and final study results no later than 8 July 2020 to
  • If applicable and available: document concerning ethical implications
  • If available: own enclosures
  • Obliged: in case of a BOF-doctoral scholarship with UNU-CRIS label, a statement by Prof. Luc Soete, Director ad interim of UNU-CRIS, should be added to the application form, in which he supports the application of the applicant for a BOF-doctoral scholarship with UNU-CRIS label
  • Obliged: in case of a BOF-doctoral scholarship with I-SITE ULNE label, a statement of the promoter at Lille University or at one of the founding partners of the I-SITE ULNE excellence project is required, in which he/she confirms to support the application of the applicant for a BOF-doctoral scholarship with I-SITE ULNE label.

Last Date to Apply (Deadline): March 02, 2020

Scholarship Apply link (Apply here)





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