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Looking for JMS? or Research paper software? in this page you will hopefully find the Research Software for Journals or Journal management system in Pakistan.

JMS may be a journal management system. JMS covers all aspects of online journal publishing, from establishing a journal website to operational tasks like the author’s submission process, referee , editing, publication, archiving, and indexing of the journal. JMS also helps to manage the people aspects of organizing a journal, including keeping track of the work of editors, reviewers, and authors, notifying readers, and assisting with the correspondence.

JMS is flexible and scalable. one installation of JMS can support the operation of the many journals. Each journal has its own unique URL also as its own look and feel. JMS can enable one editor to manage all aspects of a journal and therefore the journal’s website, or JMS will support a world team of editors with diverse responsibilities for a journal’s multiple sections.

JMS supports the principle of extending access. this technique is meant not only to help with journal publishing, but to demonstrate how costs of journal publishing are often reduced to the purpose where providing readers with “open access” to the contents of the journal could also be a viable option. The case for open access is spelled out over a good series of articles stemming from this project which are freely available under Publications at the University of British Columbia general knowledge Project website.

The origins of JMS. The system was first released in 2002 as a search and development initiative of the general public Knowledge Project at the University of British Columbia , with the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Max Bell Foundation, the Pacific Press Endowment, and therefore the MacArthur Foundation. Its continuing development is currently overseen by a partnership among UBC’s general knowledge Project, the Canadian Center for Studies in Publishing and therefore the Simon Fraser University Library. For more information, see the general public Knowledge Project @ Simon Fraser University website.

Research Paper Software

Research Paper Software

Whether you’re writing a piece of writing , research paper, essay, blog, and dissertation or PhD thesis, it’s important to settle on an appropriate writing software tool or Software for Journals for your work. the selection of writing software comes right down to your personal taste. Everyday users are happy to shed a couple of dollars to get a well known writing tool like MS Word. Tech savvies welcome open source projects like OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Whereas, the research community is far more adventurous and has embraced the type-setting system, Latex as their writing medium. Blog writers and journalists use online writing tools like GoogleDocs and DropBox Paper as they find these tools perfect for collaborating with others. Novel writers use more fancy writing tools like Scrivener to arrange their ideas and make a storyboard to assist them write. during this blog, we review a number of the common writing tools and software employed by writers

Journal management system in Pakistan

1- Navico Soft

OJS Hosting Pakistan may be a management system to host journals and scholarly articles. It allows easy publishing and journal management through one platform developed by general knowledge Project. the event objective of this open source Research software for journals was to form quick access to online journals to scholars and researchers in order that they easily know what add their field of research is already done in order that they will avoid “re-invention of wheel”. OJS Hosting Pakistan may be a viable option for institutions with open access journals.

2- Asian Journal of Management Cases

Asian Journal of Management Cases fills a crucial need during this context by that specialize in real world management issues within the unique socio-economic environment of Asia. The journal carries cases drawn from South, Central and South-West Asia plus the center East. It covers all the main management areas including accounting and finance, business ethics, entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior and strategic management.


A collection of research journals that are categorized into three different categories – W, X and Y — within their respective knowledge areas on the idea of variety of internationally bench marked and recognized parameters that measure the standard of a journal. The relative position and category of every journal is computed by a propriety algorithm that’s designed with the target of promoting quality research across various disciplines.

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