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LEARN Livestock Technical Training Awards 2021 – New Zealand

Applications are invited from developing countries for Fully Funded LEARN Livestock Technical Training Awards 2021 by New Zealand host organization. Last Date to Apply: Each year: 30 January; 30 April; 30 July; 30 October

Details of LEARN Livestock Technical Training Awards 2021

The Livestock Technical Training Awards 2021 provides funds for technical staff from developing countries to receive training in New Zealand on equipment, tools, or methods to improve the measurement and understanding of livestock greenhouse gas emissions.

This award is designed to support an extended visit of an active technician to increase technical knowledge. 

The award does NOT support conference visits or short-term stays of less than 06 weeks duration.


Successful applicants will receive the following benefits under the LEARN Livestock Technical Training Awards 2021:

  • Up to NZD$17,000 for 06 months (pro rata for less than 06 months) to cover living expenses only (i.e. not the applicant’s salary)
  • Up to NZD$5,000 will be provided for return economy class airfares and travel/medical insurance

Funds will be made available subject to the approval of a detailed budget including evidence of estimated costs.


To be eligible for a LEARN Livestock Technical Training Awards 2021, the applicant must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent tertiary qualification, or be working in a technical research capacity with at least 05 years experience
  • Work in collaboration with a New Zealand research organization (host)
  • Be resident and normally employed on a permanent contract in a research organization (or similar, relevant organization) in a developing country as defined by the OECD list of Overseas Development Assistance recipients: 
  • Satisfy New Zealand Government requirements for international entry into New Zealand.
  • Be able to speak and understand English to a level sufficient that you can understand technical concepts that will be explained in English.


The full application process is as follows for LEARN Livestock Technical Training Awards 2021:

  1. Develop a proposal and budget for the training programme in close collaboration with the New Zealand host organisation. The budget should include supporting evidence of all associated costs.
  2. Complete all sections of the application form in English.
  3. Sign and date the declaration.
  4. Collect and attach any supporting documents as stipulated on the application form.
  5. Send completed application documents to the New Zealand host organisation.
  6. The New Zealand host organisation must submit the application and supporting documentation to NZAGRC by the quarterly deadline indicated above.

The application is assessed by an independent panel of technical and scientific experts appointed by the Ministry for Primary Industries. The assessment panel considers:

  • The feasibility of the proposed training programme.
  • Alignment with known scientific priorities and profile of the applicant’s home organisation and the New Zealand host organisation.
  • The extent to which the training will contribute to building capability in livestock greenhouse gas research in the home organisation and country.

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Institute Name: New Zealand host organisation

Degree/Course: Training awards

Country: New Zealand

Last Date: Each year: 30 January; 30 April; 30 July; 30 October