Monday , November 28 2022

Membership Drive 2022 For Becoming our Members

Membership Drive 2022 For Becoming our Members and Membership Drive 2022 is open now. Opportunities world is now giving you an opportunity to be a part fastest-growing Scholarship network of world. We will select just a few hundred Students for taking Membership Drive 2022 For Becoming our Members from different intermediate colleges, Affiliated Colleges Medical Colleges, and especially students of different Universities

Here are a few ideas for recruiting new members:

  • Make sure your developer’ market becomes a developer’ Market member by going to memberships and clicking on “Non-Profit-developer Market.”
  • Talk to developer, market vendors and customers, or friends who care about healthy, local foods. Tell them about the ways FARFA fights for their ability to grow, sell, and purchase locally grown foods. And encourage them to join by visiting our website.
  • If you frequent businesses that benefit from the local foods movement, such as garden supply stores, farm-to-table restaurants, cottage foods businesses, or others, let them know there’s a special level for them, too, and that Business Members receive free advertising in our quarterly newsletters.


Membership Drive 2020 will give you following benefits:

  • We will help you in finding the BEST SCHOLARSHIP according to your studies and interest.
  • We will assist you in applying for any scholarship.
  • We will guide you about Plus Points of any scholarship and studying in different countries.
  • We will try to assist you in finding JOBS as per your requirements.

Your Duties:

  • Fulfill our SHORT SOCIAL TASKS given by GROUP ADMINS.
  • If you can WRITE then help us in preparing some useful content .
  • You can help out by managing our different SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.


  • We will select just 2 MALES and 2 FEMALES from one Campus of any University, College or medical college.
  • Selection will be based on first come first get.
  • Socially Active students will be preferred.

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