Montreal University Scholarships 2024

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Montreal University Scholarships
Montreal University Scholarships

Applications are invited for the Montreal University Scholarships 2024. The last date to apply online for Montreal University is February 1, 2024. Almost all specializations and courses are available, including those in law, business, microbiology, engineering, the arts, and social sciences.

A range of scholarships are offered by the Canadian government to give gifted students more chances. One of them is Montreal University Fully Funded Scholarships 2024 in Canada. For international students who want to further their studies in Canada, the Montreal Scholarships are a fantastic choice. The best scholarships are those offered by Canada. The Montreal University Scholarships 2024 in Canada include a monthly stipend, living expenses, tuition, research support, a free application, and free enrollment. A variety of study, work, and business visas are now available from Canada to many nations across the world, including for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

About Montreal University

A public research university in Canada is called the University of Montreal. The University of Montreal is ranked 73rd worldwide and fourth in Canada. In terms of enrollment, Montreal University is the second-largest university in the country. This world’s most renowned university plays a crucial role in providing fully paid scholarships for international students.

Montreal University Scholarships Details

  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Programs
  • Scholarship Award: Fully Funded
  • Host Organization: University of Montreal
  • Host Country: Canada
  • Application Last Date: 1st February 2024

Administration and Governance

“By significantly advancing knowledge in all subjects, the University of Montreal is advancing the common good. It encourages its students to achieve their potential and, by embracing innovation and diversity, changes the world. I will work tirelessly and passionately to uphold these noble objectives alongside my team.

Studying at UdeM

Choosing the Université de Montréal means joining a responsible and engaged community that has a positive, informed impact on society. Be part of the adventure!

Quality of teaching

Université de Montréal is committed to providing a relevant, forward-looking education that is of the highest quality and at the frontiers of knowledge.

Fields of Study

Explore the main fields of study at the Université de Montréal and consult the related programs.

  • Environmental planning and design
  • Arts and music
  • Economics and politics
  • Communication
  • Law
  • Teaching and education sciences

Start your Application

Easy-to-follow steps guarantee peace of mind and a stress-free application.

The admission process in a few clicks

  • Make your program choices
  • Review eligibility conditions
  • Apply at the right time

Graduate Programs

Université de Montréal offers a selection of programs vast enough to cover every field of knowledge. Recognized as a major North American research university, it is one of the most fertile grounds on Earth for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Discover enriching paths that will let you extend your university career while moving you toward your professional objectives.


Université de Montréal (UdeM) is the ideal institution to pursue a graduate degree. With its two affiliated schools, HEC Montréal and the École Polytechnique de Montréal, it is the foremost university in Quebec, the second in Canada, and one of the largest in the French-speaking world.

UdeM offers one of the broadest choices of Master’s and Ph.D. programs in almost all disciplines. From the microprogram to the specialized graduate diploma, from the master to the Ph.D., from the research-focused program to the program geared toward professional practice, there is no shortage of possibilities to enable you to find the program best tailored to your academic aspirations and goAs a s.

A leader in research, UdeM enjoys an enviable reputation in the international scientific arena. With its 16 faculties, 300 research groups and centres, and a broad network of affiliated institutions, it ranks among the most important research poles in North America.

To advance intellectual boundaries with seasoned professors and internationally renowned specialists, there is only one choice: the Université de Montréal.

Arts and Culture

There are all kinds of activities on the UdeM campus. Whether you’re looking to learn, experiment, try something from other lands, or just have fun, you’ll sure find something that appeals to you!

Lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and shows all year round. Check them out!


From hockey to rock climbing, swimming, and football, you’ll find everything you need to get and stay in shape. And you can come cheer on our Carabins teams. Ready? Set? Go!

Health Clinics

The specialists and trainees at our teaching clinics provide residents of the Greater Montreal area with a wide range of healthcare services.

  • Dentistry
  • Speech therapy and audiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Sports medicine and physiotherapy
  • Optometry
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • The Health and Psychological Consultation Center serves the university community

The legal clinic supports the educational goal of the University of Montreal by giving law students the real-world experience they need for their professional development, in addition to offering free legal advice to the general public.

  • General law
  • Business start-ups
  • Notarial law
  • Immigration and recognition of professional qualifications
  • Intellectual property
  • Support for crime victims


  • Libraries
  • Alumni
  • Jobs
  • Families
  • Buildings
  • Housing
  • School supplies
  • Media
  • Groups
  • Restaurants
  • Safety and Security
  • Technology

Scholarship Support

  • The applicant’s academic record determines which of the three levels the scholarship will be offered. This amount is applied to the $27,300 (45 credits) in annual tuition.
    • Level A: $13,340.40 ($2 sessions, or 30 credits) every year, $6,670.20 ($15 credits) per session, or $444.68 ($1 session, or 15 credits).
    • Level B: $3,178.80 for each session (15 credits) $211.92 per credit, or $6,357.60 per year (2 sessions, equal to 30 credits).
    • Level C: $2,000 per year (2 sessions, equal to 30 credits), $1,000 annually (15 credits), or $66.67 annually per credit
    • Research: $10,347.75 for research every year (3 sessions, or 45 credits). $15 credits per session, or $3350 total, or $229.95 per credit.
    • Non-Research: $3,491.55 for each session (15 credits), $10,474.65 per year (3 sessions or 45 credits), or $232.95 per credit.
    • Tuition Fee
    • For the course of your studies, you will pay $22,241.25 every year (3 sessions, or 45 credits), or $7,413.75 per session, or 15 credits.

Eligibility Criteria

  • These fully financed scholarships are only available to international students who apply in Canada.
  • Participants must be in possession of a study permit and cannot be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Applicants must be enrolled full-time in an academic program at the Université de Montréal for their entire academic career.

Required Documents

  • Completed online application form
  • Highest degree Transcripts
  • CV / Resume
  • A copy of a valid passport
  • Passport for International Students
  • Recent passport-size photograph
  • English Proficiency Certificate
  • Recommendation Letters.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • No Criminal Record

Application Deadline

The last date to apply online for Montreal University is February 1, 2024.

How To Apply?

The official website is the best place to start if you want to learn more about Montreal University Scholarships. You can also discover more about the university’s personnel, academics, research, and outreach programs. In addition to other resources, the program provides users with access to online textbooks and study plans. Visit the university’s official website to learn more about it, whether you’re a prospective or present student or are just curious. Click here to visit the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the University of Montreal offer scholarships?

Université de Montréal Scholarships 2024-2025 are tuition fee exemption scholarships. International students from all over the world are eligible to apply. These scholarships are available for undergraduate, master’s and as well as PhD studies. Montréal University Scholarships will provide up to $27,300 per year.

How do you qualify for the Montreal University scholarship?

You need a study permit, and neither Canadian citizenship nor permanent residency in Canada are acceptable. All applicants must be enrolled full-time at the Université de Montréal throughout their academic careers.

Does the University of Montreal give scholarships for international students?

The University of Montreal can support you financially if you are admitted to one of its study programmes as an international student. The University of Montreal awards scholarships, bursaries, tuition fee reductions and discounts that help you cover existing tuition and living costs.

When is the deadline to apply for a scholarship at the University of Montreal?

The last date to apply online for Montreal University is February 1, 2024.

What are my chances of getting a scholarship at the University of Montreal?

The competitiveness of scholarships at the University of Montreal varies depending on the scholarship. Some scholarships are very competitive, while others are less so.

What happens if I am awarded a scholarship?

If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive a notification from the UdeM Scholarships and Financial Aid Office. The notification will include information about how much money you have been awarded and when you will receive the funds.

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