Monday , November 28 2022


Download Latest COMSOL Multiphysics Windows and Linux

COMSOL Multiphysics is a software application with general use and based on advanced numerical patterns, for use in modeling and simulation of physics-based problems. Using this software, you will be able to calculate the behavior of different or interconnected physical models. With more than 30 sections added to the software, you can …

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Matlab for Academic Researchers

Matlab by MathWorks is the must require complete computer computing software by the academic researchers. It is company’s main program, which is actually its corporate identity, is the MATLAB software (abbreviated as Mat rix Lab oratory, meaning Matrix Laboratory), which is one of the most advanced software, numerical computational software as well as …

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EndNote X9 Latest Version

EndNote X9 is the most required application for the researchers. If you are a researcher then you must need to download the EndNote X9 Latest Version. As a researcher, you are constantly juggling different roles, dealing with competing demands on your time, and coordinating not only your own activities in …

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