Seoul University Scholarships in South Korea

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Seoul University Scholarships
Seoul University Scholarships

Seoul University is currently accepting applications for the Seoul University Scholarships in South Korea. This scholarship is for international students and covers all the expenses. Seoul National University, renowned for its high ranking, is offering scholarships to international students. The scholarship is available for various degree programs like Masters, Ph.D., MPhil, etc. It provides full financial support for the selected students. Eligibility for the Seoul National University Scholarship is open to students from all countries. The SNU Scholarship South Korea 2023 provides many scholarship programs to students in almost every field of study. By enrolling in a postgraduate degree program at SNU with this scholarship, you can focus on your academic and career aspirations without worrying about financial burdens.

Seoul University is now accepting applications.

Seoul University Scholarships Introduction:

Seoul National University (SNU) Scholarship is a fully-funded Scholarship that allows international students to pursue a Master’s, MPhil, Ph.D., etc. The SNU Scholarship 2024 for international students provides a wide range of opportunities across almost all academic fields and majors. Seoul National University South Korea provides scholarships that cover a wide range of subjects. By applying for postgraduate degree program at SNU, you have the chance to pursue your academic and career goals without worrying about financial burdens. The university awards internal scholarships each semester, and they generally provide external scholarships until graduation if students continually meet all requirements. Office of International Affairs’ website provides details of the scholarship programs available to international students currently attending SNU

Scholarship Coverage for Seoul University Scholarships:

Successful applicants of the Seoul National University scholarships enjoy various benefits. Firstly, they are exempted from paying tuition fees, allowing them to pursue their studies without financial concerns. Moreover, they receive a monthly stipend of KRW 1,500,000 to KRW 2,000,000 for 3 to 4 years, covering living expenses and study-related costs. Additionally, the scholarship includes round-trip economy class airfare, making it easier to travel to and from South Korea. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to engage in Korean language training, improving their language skills and devoting themselves to the local culture. Lastly, the scholarship takes care of the National Health Insurance fee, making sure that students have access to healthcare services during their studies. These benefits create a helpful and fulfilling experience for scholarship recipients at Seoul National University.

Eligibility Criteria for Seoul University Scholarships:

To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Academic Excellence: Students must also have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above. Students must pass the major courses and foreign language tests to attain the qualification to submit their thesis.
  • Citizenship: The applicant must hold either Korean citizenship or foreign citizenship.
  • Required study: The applicant should have completed all of their education, including primary and secondary education, outside of Korea.
  • Financial need: Most scholarships are provided based on financial need.

Required Documents:

The Seoul University Scholarship application requires the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Applicant Agreement
  • Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree confirmed by the Consulate, Embassy, or Apostilled
  • Official undergraduate studies transcript confirmed by the Consulate, Embassy, or Apostilled.
  • Copy of passport or original documents showing the applicant’s nationality
  • Certificate of citizenship of parents or original documents showing nationality
  • Original Certificate Copy of Korean or English Proficiency score (required for specific programs)

Note: Documents submitted will not be returned.

All documents must be original copies and written using Korean or English language. If applicants submit a photocopy of the required documents, the documents must be certified by the issuing official institutions to confirm their authenticity.

How to apply for Seoul University:

Applicants submit applications and required documents for this program to Korean embassies in their countries. The National Institute for International Education makes the final selection.


The last month to apply Online for the SNU Scholarship in South Korea for International Students is March.

Frequently asked Questions:

How much percentage is required to study in Seoul National University?
Seoul National University SNU in South Korea requires students to maintain a minimum percentage of 90 in order to stand a good chance to get admission into Seoul National University (SN).

Can I study at SNU without knowing Korean? The SNU Korean Language Education Center offers short-term classes for those who wish to learn Korean for everyday usage. No prior knowledge of Korean is necessary at level one, and those who have mastered the basics can enroll in levels two and three.

When can I apply for Seoul National University 2023? Online Application for 2023 Fall Undergraduate International Admissions Begins. Seoul National University online application for 2023 Fall Undergraduate International Admissions is now open. *ALL times and dates are based on Korea Standard Time*. Note that the fall semester of 2023 begins on Friday, September 1, 2023.

How to get full scholarship in Korea for international students? To receive a fully-funded scholarship while studying in Korea, your best option is to apply for Global Korea Scholarship, which is a prestigious award offered by the Korean government.

Does SNU require IELTS? International students applying to SNU need to submit their TOEFL, TEPS, or IELTS scores to be eligible for undergraduate and graduate courses. This university in South Korea requires students to have at least an IELTS Band of 5.5 or above.

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