Beihang University Scholarships 2024

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Beihang University Scholarships
Beihang University Scholarships

Applications are invited for the Beihang University Scholarships 2024. The last date to apply for the Beihang University Scholarship is February 20, 2024. The scholarship supports talented international students in their studies and provides an amazing opportunity for students worldwide to study in China. In this blog post, we will explore the details of the Beihang University CSC Scholarship and look at how it promotes academic and cultural exchanges amongst international academics.

The Chinese Government CSC Scholarship is a valuable program that promotes international collaboration in the field of education while allowing exceptional individuals to pursue higher education in China. The CSC Scholarship Program at Beihang University is evidence of the university’s dedication to creating an inclusive, diverse learning environment that fosters academic achievement and intercultural understanding. We will go over the application process and prerequisites for the China 2024 Beihang University CSC Scholarship in this post.

The Beihang University CSC Scholarship provides international students with access to a dynamic academic environment that fosters cross-cultural learning, scholarly collaboration, and personal growth, in addition to financial aid. The participation in a variety of extracurricular activities, academic conferences, and research projects by recipients of the Beihang University CSC Scholarship fosters a holistic educational experience and prepares them for successful careers in their fields of study.

About Beihang University

Formerly known as the Beijing University of Aviation and Space Flight, Beihang University is a public national university located in Beijing, China, that specializes in the hard sciences, technology, and engineering. On October 25, 1952, Beihang University was founded. It is a part of the Double First Class University Plan’s Projects 211 and 985. The university provides 59 undergraduate programs, 21 doctorate programs, 38 master’s degree programs, and 17 postdoctoral researcher programs.

One of the best engineering schools in China is Beihang University. There are currently 27 schools at the university, providing education in ten primary areas. 1,668 professors and 26 academicians from the Chinese Academies of Sciences and Engineering make up a total of 3,759 faculty and staff members. BUAA is home to 27,811 students, including more than 668 international students.

Beihang University Scholarships Details

  • Scholarship Country: China
  • Host Institute: Beihang University
  • Course Level: Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Who is Eligible? International Students
  • Deadline Date: February 20, 2024

Why Beihang

The development principle of “top engineering, first-class science, high-quality liberal arts, and advantageous medical engineering” guides Beihang University, encompassing 10 disciplines: engineering, science, management, liberal arts, law, economy, philosophy, education, medicine, and interdisciplinary. Among these, 8 disciplines have attained the status of “Double First-class,” demonstrating leading advantages in aerospace science and technology, instrumentation, materials, software, control, computer, mechanics, transportation, management, biomedical, etc.

Beihang University has been aiming at the international forefront of academics, actively building top-level innovation platforms and first-class scientific research teams. Since 2004, Beihang University has earned 15 first prizes in national scientific and technological awards and three-second prizes in national natural science. This achievement sets a record for a university consistently receiving national high-level scientific and technological awards, and society recognizes it as the “Beihang Model” of scientific and technological innovation.

Distinguished Faculty and Professors

Adhering to the principle that talent is the first resource, Beihang University vigorously introduces outstanding talents from overseas. Among the full-time teachers, 79.1% have senior titles, and 86.5% have doctoral degrees. There are 30 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a large number of experts and scholars with profound attainments.

Global Orientation and Cooperation

In its development agenda, Beihang University has long made global networking a priority. It has developed the UPS Global Engagement Plan, which aims to encourage cooperation globally at three levels: university to university, professor to professor, and student to student. Beihang has continuously expanded and deepened its exchanges and cooperation with famous universities, first-class research institutions, well-known multinational corporations, and international organizations worldwide. It welcomes guest professors from all over the world with open arms and attracts outstanding students globally. The scale and quality of international students and the level of international education have entered the forefront of Chinese universities.

Full English Teaching Programs

Beihang University has always been dedicated to English teaching in postgraduate and undergraduate programs. At present, the university offers more than 50 majors taught in English for postgraduate students, four majors taught in English for undergraduates, and nearly 300 courses taught in English.

Characteristic Chinese Language Training Programs

With advanced multimedia teaching facilities and a team of experienced teachers, the Chinese Language Training Center provides diversified Chinese language and cultural training programs according to the different needs of international students, offering a variety of basic Chinese language courses and thematic courses with special characteristics.

Various International Student Scholarships and Rewards

Beihang University has a rich and complementary scholarship and award system for international students, including the Chinese Government Scholarship, the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, the Beijing Government Foreign Students Scholarship, the Beihang University Foreign Students Scholarship, and many other scholarships and awards for outstanding students, with the aim of encouraging and supporting more outstanding international students to study at Beihang.

Beautiful and Convenient Campus

Beihang University has Xueyuan Road Campus, Shahe Campus, and Hangzhou International Campus, covering a total area of more than 260 hectares. The garden-style campus with its beautiful and quiet environment has won the title of “Top Ten Beautiful Campus” at Beijing University. It is an ideal place for learning, living, sports, and leisure.

Colorful Extracurricular Life

Beihang University hosts several high-level and distinctive student art troupes, including the Dance Troupe, Marching Band, and Choir. It boasts over a hundred student associations spanning humanities, arts, science and technology, practice, and sports. Additionally, there is a world-class college student model airplane team, a national-level college student volleyball team, and a football team—all ready for you to explore!

Visiting Scholar

  • The applicant is expected to study hard and will observe the Chinese laws and regulations of Beihang University.
  • The applicant should complete at least two years of undergraduate study in China or abroad and intend to continue the study in the related area or specialty.
  • The applicant should be under the age of 35 in general.
  • The applicant should have a good command of English or Chinese and have the ability to take courses in English or Chinese.

Prepare Documents

  • Application Form for the General Scholar Program
  • Copy of the page with personal information in the passport (ordinary passport)
  • Highest Education Diploma (notarized photocopy or original one) or Certificate of expected graduation date from the University studying currently
  • Notarized Transcripts
  • Study or Research Plan (no less than 500 words)
  • Two Recommendation Letters from Professors or Academic Experts
  • Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the Report on Blood Examination
  • The results of TOEFL, IELTS, HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), or English or Chinese Proficiency Certificates for the applicant whose educational language is not English or Chinese

Fees & Duration

Application feeTuition feeInsuranceDuration
400 Yuan13,000 yuan (half) a year400 Yuan/Half a yearHalf a year or One year

Every foreigner must have a valid passport, visa, or residence permit to stay in China. Staying with an expired or fake passport and visa/residence permit will be treated as illegal. Therefore, please pay attention to the status of your passport and visa/residence permit and make sure not to leave them expired.
Foreigners living in China should also register their accommodation address at the local police station. Within 24 hours after moving into a new place, the foreigner should take the passport to the local police station or other authorized organization with his or her landlord to get a Registration Form of Temporary Residence. Please keep the Registration Form of Temporary Residence and the passport carefully, and bring them together when going out.

Medical and Insurance

  • During the study at Beihang University, each student shall purchase medical insurance covering the possible medical costs of accidental injury, hospitalization for serious disease, and medical aids in emergencies. Students who have not purchased medical insurance will be refused to register.
  • Medical expenses beyond the insurance coverage shall be at one’s own expense. Chinese government scholarship students refer to other relevant regulations.

Students Dormitory

BEIHANG University DaYunCun No.10 Building Apartment offers on-campus housing for foreign students. The apartment is equipped with double rooms. The service center is located in Room 304A, Building No. 10. Working hours are 8:30–17:30 (Friday–Monday) or 8:00–20:00 (Tuesday–Thursday). 24-hour service hotline: 010-82355853 Or you can send an email to the manager at

Award Benefits

  • The full tuition fee will be waived.
  • Living and accommodation expenses will be covered.
  • A monthly stipend of 3000 RMB for master’s students will be granted.
  • For doctoral students, a monthly stipend of 3500 RMB will be provided.
  • Health Insurance.

Offered Study Programs

Nature Science and EngineeringSchool of Materials Science and EngineeringMaterials Science and Engineering (Taught in Chinese and English)
School of Electronic Information Engineering Electronic Science and Technology
Information and Communications Engineering
School of Automation Science and Electrical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
Control Science and Engineering
School of Energy and Power EngineeringAerospace Science and Technology
Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
School of Aeronautic Science and EngineeringMechanics (Taught in Chinese and English)
Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering (Taught in Chinese and English)
Man-Machine and Environmental Engineering (Taught in Chinese and English)
Flight Vehicle Design (Taught in Chinese and English)
School of Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Technology
Software Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering and AutomationMechanical Engineering
Materials Processing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering of Aerospace Vehicle
School of Mathematical SciencesMathematics
School of Biological Science and Medical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering (Taught in Chinese and English)
School of Medical Sciences and EngineeringBiomedical Engineering (Taught in Chinese and English)
School of Transportation Science and Engineering Vehicle Operation Engineering (Taught in Chinese and English)
Airworthiness Technology and Management (Taught in Chinese and English)
Highway and Railway Engineering (Taught in Chinese and English)
School of AstronauticsAerospace Science and Technology (Taught in Chinese and English)
Control Science and Engineering (Taught in Chinese and English)
School of PhysicsPhysics (taught in Chinese)
School of SoftwareSoftware Engineering (Taught in Chinese)
Sino-French Engineer School/School of General EngineeringSystems Engineering (Taught in French)
Electronic Engineering (taught in French)
Mechanics Information (taught in French)
International SchoolSpace Technology Applications
Business Administration (Space Project Management)
Law (Space Law and Policy)
Study Programs

Eligibility Requirements

  • Healthy non-Chinese nationals are needed.
  • To be eligible for the Beihang University CSC Scholarship, you have to be a Chinese university graduate or an international student studying abroad.
  • Outstanding achievement in the classroom.
  • Applicants ought to be qualified to do scientific research.
  • Candidates for master’s degrees and doctorates must be under 35 and 40 years old, respectively.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the Beihang University Scholarship is February 20, 2024.

How To Apply?

The best place to start if you want to learn more about Beihang University scholarships is the official website. Additionally, you can learn more about the university’s staff, faculty, research, and outreach initiatives. The software gives users access to online textbooks and study guides, in addition to other resources. If you’re interested in learning more about the university, whether you’re a prospective or current student or just curious, go to its official website. To visit the website, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria for Beihang University scholarships?

The eligibility criteria for Beihang University scholarships vary depending on the type of scholarship. However, all applicants must have a good academic record and a strong English proficiency.

How do I apply for a Beihang University scholarship?

Applications for Beihang University scholarships are typically made online. The application deadline varies depending on the type of scholarship.

What is the value of a Beihang University scholarship?

The value of a Beihang University scholarship varies depending on the type of scholarship. However, most scholarships cover full tuition and living expenses.

Do I need to maintain a certain GPA in order to keep my Beihang University scholarship?

Yes, scholarship recipients must maintain a certain GPA in order to keep their scholarship. The minimum GPA requirement varies depending on the type of scholarship.

What are the benefits of receiving a Beihang University scholarship?

Priority admission to Beihang University’s top programs
Access to exclusive scholarships and internships
Opportunities to participate in research projects and exchange programs
Support from Beihang University’s international student office

How can I learn more about Beihang University scholarships?

For more information about Beihang University scholarships, please visit the Beihang University International Student Office website.

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