King Fahd University Scholarships 2024

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King Fahd University Scholarships
King Fahd University Scholarships

Applications are invited for the King Fahd University Scholarships 2024. The Last Date To Apply For the King Fahd University Scholarships is December 17, 2023. Students can apply for these fully funded scholarships to study master’s and doctoral degree programs from around the world, as well as Saudi Arabian nationals. There will be no application fee for students. All courses and specializations are available, including those in the business, medical, social sciences, arts, engineering, computer science, information technology, and technical domains.

Which university offers a complete scholarship for nothing? The Saudi government offers a number of scholarships each year to foreign students from developing countries who are unable to afford their education. The King Fahd University Scholarships program is another full scholarship that covers every expense for the chosen students while they are studying in Saudi Arabia, including tuition, living expenses, food, travel, and medical attention. Never turn down the chance to receive a scholarship to attend the best university.

About King Fahd University

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) established itself in September 1963 and is situated in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. KFUPM stands as a highly regarded public university providing top-notch study spaces, fully equipped modern labs, and other amenities for international students. The ranking of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals is excellent. King Fahd University is 186 in the world in the QS World Ranking of Universities. This university is the fourth-best in Saudi Arabia out of all the universities.

King Fahd University Scholarships Details

  • Scholarship Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Host University: King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  • Course Level: Master’s and PhD Degrees
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Who is Eligible? National & International Students
  • Application Deadline: December 17, 2023


To enable KFUPM to be a leader in the region in providing quality graduate programs in Science, Engineering, and Management.


To provide quality graduate programs according to the best international practices that will enhance the research environment at KFUPM and the dissemination of knowledge in the Kingdom.


  • The goals of the Deanship of Graduate Studies are to:
  • Enhance the research environment at KFUPM.
  • Disseminate knowledge in the society.
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of the graduate programs.
  • Increase diversity in the graduate student body.
  • Increase the efficiency of the processes of the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

 Graduate Council

​The Graduate Council is a body serving as the executive committee for the graduate faculty to set policies and processes of graduate education at KFUPM. The Graduate Council consists of the following members.

  • Dean of Graduate Studies (Council Chairman)
  • Dean of Scientific Research (Member)
  • Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies (Secretary General)
  • A faculty member from each college offering Graduate Programs. 

Duties of the Graduate Council

  • Serve as the executive committee for the graduate faculty and programs
  • Initiate and implement new Graduate Studies policies, revise existing policies, and act upon any questions affecting those policies.
  • Establish and publish rules governing graduate programs, including the revision and updating of the Graduate Bulletin in accordance with approved policy changes.
  • Evaluate, review and recommend to the University Board proposals for new or revised graduate curricula or programs.
  • Recommend actions regarding graduate students under academic warning.
  • Approve, modify, or reverse actions taken by its committees.
  • Foster the relationship between graduate education and scholarly research.
  • Assist and advise the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Participate in grievance procedures and disciplinary matters at the request of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

 Academic Departments

  • ​​College of Computer Sciences & Engineering (CCSE)
  • Information and Computer Science
  • ​​Computer Engineering
  • ​​System Engineering
  • College of Sciences (CS)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematical Science
  • Life Science
  • College of Engineering (CES)
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences(CPG)
  • Geosciences​
  • Petroleum Engineering​
  • KFUPM Business School (KBS)​
  • KBS Graduate Programs​
  • Information System & Operational Management​
  • Accounting & Finance​
  • Management & Marketing​
  • College of Environmental Design (CED)​
  • Architecture​
  • Architecture Engineering​
  • City & Regional Planning​
  • Construction and Management & Engineering​

 Financial Benefits

The university admits Saudi graduate students with a GPA of 3.00 and above on a scale of 4.00 as Scholarship MS or Ph.D. students. Likewise, the university offers Research Assistantships to exceptional graduate students who demonstrate outstanding qualifications and performance. Research Assistants must allocate up to 50% of their time to supporting the teaching and research activities of the university while dedicating the other 50% to their respective graduate programs.

They receive the following benefits:

  • Free tuition.
  • A monthly stipend to cover living expenses.
  • Free furnished air-conditioned bachelor housing.
  • Essential medical care.
  • Free textbooks.
  • Subsidized meals in the University cafeteria.
  • A chance to participate along with the University faculty in the Research and Book Writing
  • Projects funded by the University.
  • A prepaid air passage for initial travel to Dammam at the start of the contract, and a return ticket after the completion of the Degree for international students.

 General Information

We welcome outstanding and talented prospective graduate students from around the nation and the world to apply for Graduate Studies. Besides national students, KFUPM currently has international graduate students from 28 different nationalities. This adds to the richness & diversity of the academic and research environment at KFUPM.

The University currently offers 30 Master’s programs and 10 Doctoral programs in a full range of traditional disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary programs that anticipate market trends and respond to national needs. KFUPM provides full MS and PhD scholarships for distinguished graduate applicants who demonstrate high potential for conducting original research in the fields of Engineering, Sciences, and Business.

Online Application

Candidates who intend to enroll in graduate programs at the University need to submit an online application available on the website of DGS on the link Start Your Application. The online application is available only during the application periods according to the posted application deadlines on the link Application Deadlines. The graduate admission is open twice a year for two semesters: The Fall Term (usually starting in September) and the Spring Term (usually starting in February).

In addition to the online application, applicants must upload mandatory documents to the designated upload section.

  • Copy of identification (National ID for Saudi nationals / Passport for international applicants / Iqama for residents of Saudi Arabia).
  • Complete official transcripts for BS degree and MS degree (if applying to PhD).
  • Statement-of-Purpose (a one-page essay focusing on career and research goals).
  • Recommendation Letters from 3 Professors through the online recommendation system after submitting the online application.
  • CV – mentioning very briefly your education and your work experience.
  • GMAT scores for MBA program (for international applicants).

Other supporting documents (needed for final admission decision)

  • Certificates for BS degree and MS degree (if applying to PhD).
  • TOEFL score (min. is 68 iBT for MS and 79 iBT for PhD).
  • Acceptable GRE General score (min. Quant. is 156, min. Analytical is 4.0).

Distinguished Partnership 

KFUPM has a solid collaborative partnership in conducting innovative research with the following international institutions:

  • MIT: Clean Water and Clean Energy research.
  • Stanford University: Oil and Gas research.
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech): Refining and Petrochemicals research.
  • Cambridge University: Oil and Gas research.
  • KAUST: Many research disciplines.
  • Saudi Aramco (the largest oil company worldwide): Many research disciplines.
  • SABIC (the 5th petrochemical company worldwide): Petrochemical research.

Center for Research Excellence 

To provide extreme support for research in areas of excellence, KFUPM has established the following Centers for Research Excellence, in which graduate students can conduct their research:

  • KFUPM-MIT Collaboration Center on Clean Water and Clean Energy.
  • National Center for Excellence in Nanotechnology.
  • National Center for Excellence in Renewable Energy.
  • National Center for Excellence in Refining and Petrochemicals.
  • National Center for Excellence in Corrosion. 

Graduate Scholarships

  • Graduate Assistantship: Open to exceptional Saudi Graduate Assistants continuing MS degrees at KFUPM, who display outstanding performance in their Bachelor education.
  • Research Assistantship: Open to national and international Master’s students, whose performance is exceptional in their Bachelor’s education.
  • Lecturer: Open to exceptional Saudi Lecturers continuing Ph.D. degrees at KFUPM, who perform excellently in their Bachelor’s & Master’s education.
  • Lecturer-B: Open to national and international exceptional Ph.D. students, whose performance is exceptional in their Bachelor’s & Master’s education.   

Part-Time Education

Similar to most reputable international universities, KFUPM extends this flexible opportunity to working individuals interested in pursuing higher studies. The university charges these students a modest tuition fee. This opportunity is available exclusively to nationals and residents of the Kingdom.

 Requirement Checklist

Except for the reference letters, which academic referees should provide themselves via the online recommendation system, please submit all documents solely through the upload system in PDF format.

Before the deadline for uploading papers and recommendation letters, kindly submit all of these materials. For more information, please see the entrance deadlines or the online tutorial.

Except for the reference letters, which academic referees should provide themselves through the online recommendation system, please upload all materials entirely in PDF format.

 Complete Transcripts

Ph.D. applicants should upload complete and official transcripts for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Master Applicants should upload a complete and official transcript for the Bachelor’s degree.

Transcripts should be in English only

Translate other language transcripts into English with the assistance of a certified translator. Only university-level transcripts are necessary; high school transcripts are not required.

Statement of Purpose

A one-page essay outlining your previous research and/or practical experience, why you chose KFUPM for graduate studies, and your intended academic and research interests in your graduate program at KFUPM


Saudi Citizens: National Identification Card

Residents of Saudi Arabia with a Residence Permit: Iqama

International Applicants: Passport

 Two Recommendation Letters

In the online application, the section “Recommendation Information” requires an applicant to provide the names and emails of two academic referees. KFUPM will contact these academic referees to submit an online recommendation letter via a standard web browser before the deadline.

 Colour Photograph with White Background 

  • Colour Picture 
  • Passport Size 
  • Front Facing   
  • White Background 
  • Professionally taken   
  • Clear


A CV mentioning the applicants’ education and work experience. 

Degree Certificates 

Applicants who have completed their respective programs at the time of application should upload the official degree certificate(s).

Ph.D. applicants should upload official certificates of both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Once the university accepts an applicant, they must provide authentic copies of their degree certificate(s) to secure final admission.


Applicants are encouraged to upload the TOEFL score sheet along with the application documents.

In case of unavailability of TOEFL, the application can be submitted without it. However, it is mandatory to be produced before final admission for all applicants.

TOEFL is waived for certain categories of applicants. To know more details, please visit our FAQ section.

  • Minimum Score required from Ph.D. applicants: 79 / 120 [iBT] or 6.5 [IELTS Academic]
  • Minimum Score required from Master applicants: 68 / 120 [iBT] or 6.0 [IELTS Academic]


  • GRE is required for all applicants applying to graduate programs in Engineering or Sciences.
  • Applicants are encouraged to upload their GRE score (minimum requirements: MS- Quantitative: 156, Analytical: 4.0 and Verbal:143 and PhD- Quantitative: 159, Analytical: 4.0 and Verbal:143) along with the application documents.
  • In case of unavailability of the GRE, the application can be submitted without it. However, it is mandatory to be produced before final admission for all applicants.


  • GMAT is required for all applicants applying to graduate programs in Business.
  • International applicants must submit a GMAT score sheet at the time of application. International applications without a GMAT score will not be evaluated.
  • Local applicants are encouraged to upload their GMAT score sheet along with the application documents.
  • In case of unavailability of GMAT, the application can be submitted without it. However, it is mandatory to be produced before final admission.

Programs Offered Of King Fahd University Scholarships

For the Masters and Doctoral Programmes in 2024–2025, all academic subjects are open. Master’s degrees typically take 2-3 years to complete, whereas doctoral degrees take 3–4 years. Details are available in below table:

Available SubjectsMaster/PhD
Aerospace EngineeringM.Sc.
Applied StatisticsM.Sc.
Architectural EngineeringM.Sc.
Business AdministrationM.B.A.
Chemical EngineeringPh.D., M.Sc.
ChemistryPh.D., M.Sc.
City & Regional PlanningM.C.R.P.
Civil & Environmental EngineeringPh.D., M.Sc.
Computer EngineeringPh.D., M.Sc.
Computer NetworksM.Sc.
Computer SciencePh.D., M.Sc.
Construction Engineering & ManagementM.Sc.
Electrical EngineeringPh.D., M.Sc.
Environmental SciencesM.Sc.
GeologyPh.D., M.Sc.
Industrial & Systems EngineeringPh.D., M.Sc.
​Information Assurance & Security​M.Sc.
Life SciencesM.Sc.
Materials Science & EngineeringM.Sc.
Mathematical SciencesPh.D., M.Sc.
Mechanical EngineeringPh.D., M.Sc.
Petroleum EngineeringPh.D., M.Sc.
PhysicsPh.D., M.Sc.
Software EngineeringM.Sc.
Systems & Control EngineeringPh.D., M.Sc.
Telecommunication EngineeringM.Sc.
Programs Offered

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students from Saudi Arabia and abroad may apply.
  • Undergraduate or 16 years of education is required for master’s degree programmes.
  • The required cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for a master’s degree is 3.00 or above.
  • A master cannot be older than 35 years old.
  • Master’s degree completion or 18 years of study in the relevant field is required for doctoral degree programmes.
  • The minimum required CGPA for a Ph.D. is 3.00/4.00 or above.
  • From the time of application until the deadline, the applicant’s age must be under 40.
  • 16 years of business-related education are required for an MBA.
  • Calculus I, often known as integration and differentiation, was formerly studied for the MBA.

Application Deadline

The Last Date To Apply For the King Fahd University Scholarships is December 17, 2023.

How To Apply?

The greatest place to start if you want to learn more about King Fahd University Scholarships is the official website. Additionally, you can learn more about the university’s staff, faculty, research, and outreach initiatives. The software gives users access to online textbooks and study guides in addition to other resources. If you’re interested in learning more about the university, whether you’re a prospective or current student or just curious, go to its official website. To visit the website, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of KFUPM scholarships?

Merit scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students with high academic achievement.
Need-based scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students with financial need.
Research scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students who are pursuing research degrees.
International scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to international students who are studying at KFUPM.

Who is eligible for KFUPM scholarships?

Being a Saudi national or a resident of Saudi Arabia.
Having a good academic record.
Meeting the English language proficiency requirements.

How do I apply for a KFUPM scholarship?

To apply for a KFUPM scholarship, you must submit an online application and provide all of the required documentation. The required documentation may vary depending on the type of scholarship you are applying for.

What is the deadline to apply for KFUPM scholarships?

The Last Date To Apply For the King Fahd University Scholarships is December 17, 2023.

When will I be notified if I have been awarded a KFUPM scholarship?

You will be notified if you have been awarded a KFUPM scholarship within a few weeks of the scholarship deadline.

What are the benefits of KFUPM scholarships?

KFUPM scholarships can cover a variety of expenses, including tuition fees, living expenses, and travel expenses. Some scholarships may also provide additional benefits, such as access to research funding or mentoring from faculty members.

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