National College of Ireland Scholarships 2024

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National College of Ireland Scholarships
National College of Ireland Scholarships

Applications are invited for the National College of Ireland Scholarships 2024. The National College of Ireland Scholarships 2024 application deadline is  Different for Different Scholarship Types. National College of Ireland has taken a bold step in inspiring ambitions by offering outstanding Scholarships in the IRELAND for the academic year 2023-24 to pursue Undergraduate Degrees, recognizing the importance of providing opportunities for gifted individuals from diverse backgrounds.

About National College of Ireland

The National College of Ireland (NCI) is a well-known educational institution in Dublin, Ireland. NCI, founded in 1951, has a long tradition of providing students of all ages with high-quality education and professional development opportunities. Here are a few highlights of the National College of Ireland:

  1. Academic Excellence: NCI, known for its academic brilliance, offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various fields. It has a solid reputation for providing programs that are in line with industry requirements.
  2. Industry Connections: NCI has excellent relationships with the business and technology sectors, which benefit students through internship opportunities, industry-relevant projects, and access to experienced guest speakers. This link helps students in crossing the gap between academia and the professional world.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion: NCI promotes equality and participation, and welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds, races, and nations. This results in a lively and active learning atmosphere.
  4. Research and Innovation: NCI continually participates in research and development in a wide range of sectors. Its research centers and projects help to advance cutting-edge advances in a variety of fields.
  5. Student Support: In order to ensure that students have a great learning experience, the college highlights the importance of providing services such as career advice, academic advising, and therapy.
  6. Campus and Location: NCI’s new campus is located in the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) of Dublin, giving students easy access to the city’s cultural, business, and job opportunities.
  7. Scholarships and Financial Aid: NCI provides scholarships and financial aid to students to help with tuition and living expenses.
  8. Alumni Network: NCI has a large student network, with graduates succeeding in a variety of businesses and professions.

Overall, the National College of Ireland is committed to providing students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for successful careers and lifelong learning.


  • Offered Degrees: Master’s
  • Scholarship Award: Partially Funded
  • University Name: National College of Ireland
  • Host Country: Ireland
  • Application Last Date: Different

About Scholarship

There are several scholarship categories available that can cover up to 50% of tuition costs, including

  • Scholarship Support
  • Masters scholarships
  • Master’s Edge Scholarship
  • Higher Diploma Scholarship
  • Future Leaders Scholarship
  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Types of Scholarships Available at the National College of Ireland

  •  Academic Merit Scholarship

The Academic Merit Scholarship at NCI rewards academic performance and provides funds to qualified students. As part of this scholarship, selected students can get an allowance of €2,000-€4,000, which will help them pay their tuition and focus on their studies.

  • Master’s Edge Scholarship

If you wish to study for a master’s degree at NCI, the Master’s Edge Scholarship is an excellent choice. Because it covers 50% of tuition fees, this scholarship makes it easier for overseas students to earn a great education and get an advantage in their chosen sector.

  •  Higher Diploma Scholarship

The Higher Diploma Scholarship provides money to students who wish to participate in a Higher Diploma program at NCI. By granting an allowance of €4,000, this scholarship allows students to pursue their educational goals at a cheaper cost.

  •  Future Leaders Scholarship

NCI’s mission is to develop tomorrow’s leaders. The Future Leaders Scholarship was established to help excellent students who show leadership potential and an ambition to make a difference in their chosen sector. This fellowship, which covers half of the tuition costs, allows future leaders to continue their studies at NCI.

  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship

An innovative spirit is strongly valued at NCI. The Business Scholarship is meant to assist young businesses who wish to study postgraduate courses at NCI. This scholarship covers half of the tuition, allowing students interested in entrepreneurship to receive the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their companies.

Required documents

  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Letter of Admission
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
  • Personal Statement or Essay
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Proof of Financial Need (if applicable)
  • Passport or Identification
  • Passport-Sized Photographs (if required)

Eligibility Criteria

  • By making the scholarships open to students of all nationalities, NCI promotes variety and international cooperation.
  • Candidates must have research experience that shows a commitment to academic study and innovation.
  • Candidates must hold a recognized university degree as proof of their capacity to learn and prepare for higher education.
  • To be successful in the program, candidates must meet the English language requirements because NCI is an English-speaking university.
  • The grants are open to self-sponsored students who are devoted to investing in their education.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time course at NCI to be eligible for the awards.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for National College of Ireland Scholarships for International Students is  Open Now.

Official Website National College of Ireland Scholarships

If you are looking for more information about National College of Ireland Scholarships , the best place to start is the official website., where you can find detailed information about the programs and courses offered, admission requirements and procedures, campus facilities, student life, and much more. Additionally, you can learn about the faculty and staff, research initiatives, and community outreach programs that the university offers. The website may also provide access to online resources such as academic calendars, student handbooks, and course catalogs. Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, or simply interested in learning more about the university, the official website is an excellent resource to explore. Please click here to visit the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of scholarships does the National College of Ireland offer?

NCI offers various scholarships, including academic excellence scholarships, leadership scholarships, and scholarships based on financial need.

How can I apply for NCI scholarships?

To apply for NCI scholarships, you typically need to complete an online application through the NCI scholarship portal.

Do NCI scholarships cover tuition fees?

NCI scholarships may cover tuition fees, but it depends on the specific scholarship program. Some scholarships may also provide living allowances or other financial benefits.

Are international students eligible for NCI scholarships?

Yes, NCI scholarships are often open to both domestic and international students. Eligibility criteria may vary.

What are the key eligibility criteria for NCI scholarships?

Eligibility criteria vary by scholarship but commonly include academic achievement, leadership potential, and sometimes financial need.

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